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FROM Branding & Illustrations

FROM The Digital Transformation Agency


I was tasked with establishing the branded illustrative style and identity for the relaunch of FROM The Digital Innovation Agency. The creative directors and I settled on a hand made rough crayon and watercolor look to offset the clearly digital case studies and offer a refreshing textured look on devices usually prone to flat graphics and photography. 

The aim of the site was to communicate directly to potential clients and more specifically to identify and reach certain business liaisons who would partner with FROM to make a successful digital product. This required multiple rounds of character designs, depicting Creative Directors, Business Strategists , Content Managers and more. The resulting illustration line-ups went through a final selection process which yielded a final grouping that was folded into the rebranded web site homepage.

Extending the illustration style and as a way to break from company website clichés, I created portraits of the FROM leadership team which were used in place of the more commonly used staff photographs. 

In addition to this, the website was populated with content illustration and article imagery which created a unified web experience. The launch of the brand called for a big industry party, where 6 foot tall cardboard cutouts were commissioned and populated throughout the room.