Danny Balgley

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NFL Player Engagement 

Responsive Website


The Player Engagement site for the NFL was in need of a design update, bringing it up to date visually and streamlining the once heavy stylistic choices. The new approach utilized a clean modern look, with full bleed imagery, simplified page edges and a stacked HTML5 layout. The new easy to use global navigation funneled NFL content into 3 buckets (Prep/Students, Life/Players, and Next/Retirees.) Designed with users in mind, this site ameliorated former search and content finding issues, allowing students, current players and former players easy access to a plethora of articles, videos and programs pertaining to them. The site was designed responsively, allowing for an elegant app like experience on mobile devices. Content pages were designed as CMS templates giving users a sense of freedom to upload and customize both homepage headlines and articles as needed. The result is a welcoming portal which is easy to use for a wide array users within the NFL community. 


My Responsibilities: Lead Web Designer

Creative Direction Michael Moore & William Ranwell